Sandra Whitten


 Bexar, Wilson, Atascosa, McMullen, 

La Salle, Webb, Zapata, Starr and Hidalgo Counties

What matters


Who is Sandra

Sandra Whitten is the image of the all-American Woman. Sandra is a Mother, Wife, Student and Friend of the community. She understands the hardships of people on the border and is subjected to the stigma of an inter-racial family. She grasps the need for real change in our community and will work tirelessly to provide that not only for her family, but for yours. 

Mission Statement

  The safety and well-being of our district will be a top priority for this campaign because it is our children and our future generations that are at stake. Supporting families and hardworking Americans from the oil fields, trucking industries, military, law enforcement, first responders and local businesses that our district is full of is the heart of this campaign. It is our prerogative to be a pioneer in changing the face of the politics.

Our district is rich in history and is full of beautiful cities that need to be dusted off and put on display, not just in Texas but for the Nation to see. Our district is the image of the American melting-pot that is rich in diversity and culture.