vision for our future



The heart and soul of our district is our families; creating environments that will allow our children to flourish and nurture them as one big family is important. Our children deserve to know that there is someone willing to take a stance for them. Bringing more attention to the growing needs of our district and give them the same opportunities that other districts around our great state enjoy is a high priority. Family attractions and places to explore in our own back yard. We are a proud people who deserve new and modern ideas while protecting our values.


 Local and National security is a top priority. Strengthening the Law Enforcement  and First Responders locally and federally to allow a better relationship with our people is vital; not only to curb violent crimes, but also to protect the sanctity of life and the ability to enjoy all our district has to offer without the fear of malice intent lurking near our parks, businesses, and homes. 

Vibrant Growth

Bringing a tourist economy to CD28, allowing outside business into our district and continue to allow our local entrepreneurs to revitalize our communities in a way that will highlight the warmth and culture our district is bursting with.


CD28 has a proud and rich history that has been neglected for years, it is time to bring them back! We have some of the oldest ranches and cattle herds in the country and they are an important part of, not only our district, but the state. Agriculture is a fundamental aspect of our region and should be playing a vital role in our way of life just as it did before. Oil is another vital part of our way of life, let us embrace the greatness that is around us and fuels our economy. 

Being your voice

I know the struggles that you are facing, raising families, making ends meet, and not feeling like you have a voice in the crowd. I want to be your voice, I will remind the nation that your needs are important; we are one big family and when you hurt, I hurt with you. No more hurt, no more “politics as usual”, no more fake representation.